Badge of the Kingdom of An Tir

Inlands Region


Our Gentle and Noble Society is empowered by a key group of volunteers who serve as our Officers.
Regional officers serve primarily to consolidate reports from the branches for their Kingdom superiors.

Interested in an open position? Please send your letter of intent and resume to the Kingdom Superior for that office.

Seneschal Seneschal
(local President)
Chronicler Chronicler
Exchequer or Reeve Exchequer
(local Treasurer)
Web Minister Web Minister
(Deputy to the Chronicler)
Katla járnkona

Master of Stables Master of Stables
(in charge of fighting)
(Position is open)
Master of Swords Master of Sword
(in charge of rapier fighting)
Amber Sylvanus
Master of Archery Archery Marshall
(in charge of archery)
(position is open)
Minister of the Lists Lists
(score keeper)
Chatelaine Chatelaine
(local outreach)
Gold Key Gold Key
(costume rental)
(Deputy to Chatelaine)
College of Pages College of Pages
(Young Adult Activities)
Pied Piper Pied Piper
(Children's Activities)

Herald Herald
(Assists with registration
of names & devices)
Minister of Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences
(research assistant)
Constable Constable
(lost & found,
security coordinator)
Chirurgeon or Medic Chirurgeon
(local medic)
Fergus Sturrock
  Waterbearer Waterbearer
(deputy to Chirurgeon)
Order of the Laurel Laurel Inlands Sect'y
Morgaina of the Woodlands
Order of the Pelican Pelican Inlands Sect'y
Ashley Longbow

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