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Populace in Oregon

Not all of the members of the Inland Region are on-line; not all of them have requested to be included in on-line members' lists. The only gentles listed on this page are those in unclaimed lands in Oregon. For individual branch members, please visit each branch's members page.

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Oregon Unclaimed Lands (outside of branch boundaries)
  • milady Eireannach inghean ui' Ghuindhe
    mail to:
    (Vickie Bounds-Abundis, Athena, OR)

  • Lady Gianna Bianca
    mail to:
    (Stacey Maynard, Pendleton, OR)

  • Lord Gwenhwyvar Achtland Gruenfjell
    mail to:
    (Shannon Gruenhagen, Pendleton, OR)

  • Lady Jacquetta Grey of Oxfordshire
    mail to:

  • Lord Magnus Wartooth
    mail to:

  • milady Ragnhildr Thorisdottir
    mail to: (mka: Adrienne Lapp)

Inlands Residents in Unclaimed Lands
Idaho (none at present) Oregon Washington

If you are a resident of the Inlands Region and would like your E-mail and/or Home Page link to be listed on any of the members' pages, please send your request to the page master.

You may also choose to join any of the mailing lists maintained for Wealdsmere, Wastekeep or Silverhart.

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