Badge of the Kingdom of An Tir

The Peer-like

Whether you aspire to becoming a member of the Peerage (Knight, Master-at-Arms, Pelican, Laurel) or not, striving toward what is termed the Peer-Like Qualities is a worthy endeavor. They will assist you in your SCA dealings and may even carry over into the 20th Century.

I. Loyalty
  • A. Obeys the By-Laws of the SCA, Inc., the Rules of the List, and the laws of the Kingdom

  • B. Shows respect to the Crown and representatives of the Crown

  • C. Shows support of the ideals of the Society by being as authentic in dress, equipment and behavior as means permit.

II. Courtesy
  • A. Truthfulness
    1. does not lie or break their word
    2. does not repeat gossip

  • B. Generosity
    1. gives any opponent, at a game or on the field, the benefit of the doubt
    2. is willing to share knowledge and impart skills
    3. practices hospitality to the fullest of their means.

III. Restraint
  • A. is always self-controlled

  • B. speaks softly and politely

  • C. true strength lets them remain calm when others rant

IV. Gallantry
  • A. always remembers that their consort and/or liege are the inspiration of all honor and, for their sake, shows respect to all

  • B. is ever conscious that their actions reflect not on them alone, but on their consort and/or liege and are careful to do naught but honor it their name

V. Courtliness
  • A. strives to learn and practice those manners and skills that will make them worthy of a civilized court

  • B. displays a knowledge of courtly etiquette and proper forms of address

  • C. acquainted with all and able to practice at least one of the following:
    1. Dance -- at minimum, identify basic dances done at court and do one couple dance and one circle dance
    2. Music -- at minimum, identify common period instruments played at court
    3. Literature -- at minimum, be familiar with period literature, i.e., stories, poetry, drama
    4. Games -- at minimum, identify Chess pieces and recognize the basic moves
    5. Heraldry -- Blazon own arms and identify common heraldic terms

VI. Martial
Fighters, regardless of specialty, display an ability to best the best and consistently demonstrate chivalry on the field.

VII. Service
Those who labor with loyal devotion at the endless, unglamorous tasks that keep the Society going.

VIII. Arts and Science
Those who attain a standard of excellence equal to that of their prospective peers in some art, skill, or area of knowledge, and have made this art, skill or knowledge available for service and instruction, above and beyond that which is expected of SCA members.

IX. Obligations
  • A. to continue to share their knowledge and skills with others
    1. teach
    2. take students, men-at-arms, squires, apprentices, or protégé as appropriate to their order

  • B. to set examples of courteous and noble behavior

  • C. to graciously accept hospitality and to offer it in return to the fullest their means will allow.

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