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The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., the SCA, is an non-profit, educational organization dedicated to researching and recreating the customs, combat and courtesy of the middle Ages. We are here to preserve the best of medieval history, to promote and encourage historical study and to keep alive the skills, arts and craft of an age past.

The primary requirement for participation in an SCA event is that you wear a pre-1650 costume. This helps everyone get into the spirit of things and to feel a part of what is happening, even if you are only inclined to watch. Almost everyone has clothing around the house which, if properly combined, will qualify as a good attempt. Costumes (or what we call garb) are usually available for loan from the Gold Key officer.

Courteous and honorable behavior is at the core of the Society. It is difficult to be too polite. As Robert Grylion the Reserved has said, "courtesy is such a simple thing, from addressing each other as m'lady or m'lord, kissing a lady's hand or remembering to bow before the chairs of thrones or nobility, occupied or not."

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An Tir Coat of Arms
  • Interactive learning of history.
  • Development of lifetime hobbies and skills.
  • Development of friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • "Get away from it all" weekends.
  • Fun for the whole family.
  • We are not a play.
  • We are not Dungeons and Dragons.
  • We do not claim any religious affiliation.
  • We do not worship satan or any occult figure.
  • We are not a paramilitary or hate group.
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Medieval society was highly structures with a system of ranks: kings, dukes, et cetera. The SCA is no different! The Society is divided into Kingdoms, each ruled by a Sovereign chosen in medieval combat and his or her consort. Behind them is the bureaucracy with its officials who see to the day to day operation of each kingdom. Kingdoms are divided into Principalities, Baronies, Shires, Cantons and Colleges, depending on their size, each populated by nobles, officers and hardworking folk. The local Chatelaine's office can act as your contact to the appropriate official who can answer specific questions.

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Champion of An Tir
Fighting in the SCA

Part of our reenactment, for many, involves taking to the field in challenge. The largest contingent of our fighters choose to fight in full body armor. This current middle ages knight fights in tournaments and wars for glory and the honor of a lady or lord. Tournament combat in the SCA is fought with weapons of rattan rather than steel. Rattan weapons wrapped with various tapes, have the approximate weight, balance and handling of their steel counterparts, but they are not nearly as dangerous. Rattan weapons can bruise (ask any fighter), but they do not cut.

Other than the rattan weapons, all the rest of a fighter's equipment is as accurate and authentic as he can make it: mail, steel helms and body armor, leather and steel hauberks & gauntlets. The possibilities are limited only by the fighter's imagination, craftsmanship and finances. Fighting in the SCA is as close to medieval tournament fighting as we can make it and still keep it a relatively safe sport. This is part of what Creative Anachronism is all about.

Another type of combantant are the light infantry. Their armor is not as heavy as the sword-and-sheild fighters (hence the nicknames of 'heavy' and 'light.' They tend to use thrown weapons: javelins, battle axes and the like.

While fighters are usually referred to as "he," there is no restriction as to ladies fighting, and the rules about "striking a lady" are not considered. To the fighters, their opponents are simply other fighters. For more information, contact your local Master of Stables.

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A Rapier Fighter

Fencing in the SCA is somewhat different than fencing in the mundane world. We strive to make fencing more fun and more historically accurate than the rigid form it has developed into today. SCA style fencing is done in the "round" instead of back and forth on a meter wide "strip." We dress in middle Ages garb and attempt to duplicate fencing styles of the middle Ages. We do not imitate Three Musketeers "swash-buckling" as this does not fit in with the middle Ages period we are trying to recreate. We do teach a very active fencing style. We do not use the standard fencing weapons of foil, epeé and saber.

Our prime interest, besides middle Ages reenactment, is in safety. We emphasize proper practice gear and keep close watch on all participants for any safety violations. We have never had a serious injury.

For rules and regulations regarding fencing, please speak to the Master of Sword. As in fighting, men and women are both welcome. In fact, many of our best fencers are female. We encourage everyone that has an interest in fencing to come give us a try.

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Marshals are on the field to promote safety for the fighters and the spectators as well. A fighter has limited vision once in his helm and the marshal watches for the fighters safety and that of all spectators. "HOLD" is a safety word used when someone is in immediate danger. When you hear "Hold," stop whatever you are doing, even if you are in mid-step, and look to see if you are about to step on something or someone.

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