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Good E-Mail Manners

The Mailing Lists exist for the discussion of matters pertaining to the list topic (Arts and Sciences or Crown Principality are on-topic lists only, please).
For general group lists, topics extend to the SCA, the branch, the Kingdom of An Tir, and news specific to branch residents (good tidings such as births and marriages and welcoming new gentles to the branch and sad tidings such as illness, surgery, items of a personal nature where the good thoughts and wishes of the populace would be helpful and comforting). If you are not on the list and/or are not a a branch, please do not post anything that is not related to the SCA or the SCA experience.
Regional officer lists are currently being formed, as well.

These are the Guidelines we agree to live under:
  • We post as if every message we write were going to be read by the Throne, in Court, the next time we're called up to be given an award.
  • We sign our messages with our name and e-mail address.
  • We are tolerant of subject threads that bore us to death.
  • We keep subject lines appropriate to the contents of the message.
  • We do NOT include the entire message we are replying to.
  • We DO include a few lines if our reply can't stand on its own.
  • We do NOT send terse, one-line replies.
  • We use emphasis to make our comments clear. (Stars, smilies, etc.)
  • We use white space and keep our paragraphs short.
  • We send a message directly to its intended recipient and post to the list as a whole only if appropriate.
  • If our message is funny, frivolous, humourous, contains puns, or is generally silly in nature, we add a "Silly/Tavern/WOAW/TWEET" flag to the subject line so others can identify it easily.
We agree that:
  • Invitations to events are welcome, with date, location, and what it's about. Links to event copy are preferred when available.
  • Chronicles are welcome.
  • Questions are welcome.
  • Extensive discussions that get into the nitty-gritty politics of how the Society operates are welcome.
  • Funny, silly, frivolous, amusing, playful, joking, cheerful postings are welcome.
  • WOAWs, TWEETs, and TWITs, are generally harmless and should be pitied.
  • Some merchant advertising is welcome only for items that are specific to the SCA experience (i.e., fabric sales, rattan availability).
We further agree that:
  • Abusive or inflammatory language is not welcome.
  • Profanity is not welcome.
  • Topics not specific to the SCA experience or of immediate concern to a resident of Wealdsmere are not welcome.
  • Chain letters are not welcome.
  • Mail bombs to each other are not welcome.
  • A general inquiry to the list (ie, invitation or request for volunteers) are welcome; however, most often, a reply is best made privately (the whole list doesn't need to know that you can't make it to a practice, or that you're volunteering for a demo).
  • The Inland Region email addresses will not be included in any bulk mail that is sent out (if it needs to go to the list, please post it as a single copy; the list doesn't need to see all the addresses that are on your mailing list).
  • Attachments to list mail are not welcome.
About attachments:

Why no attachments? (pictures such as JPGs, sound files, forwarded mail) While the mail list is provided by as a free service, it is a resource that is not without cost or value. Attachments increase the load in delivering mail. Also, attachments are often the weak link that can bring a virus into your computer. Too, some people have very slow connections to the Internet and attachments are frequently large files that can take a very long time to download.

If you have an attachment file that you feel the entire mail list will want to have, for example, a picture, please post it privately to the who can then post the attachment onto the appropriate site; the address for that download will then be returned to you, so that you can post the address only to the list, along with a message about the size of the download and why they would want to view it.


Members of the list who do not keep their postings on-topic will receive one private warning from the list master. Second violations will result in suspension of privilege to post to the list.

Confused about list rules and List Netiquette? Don't just take my word for it!

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