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Forms of Address

Part of the development of your persona is to become familiar with appropriate forms of address.
Here are suggestions you may find useful during your Trials:

King and Queen: Your Majesty, My Liege, My Lord King, My Lady Queen, Dread Lord/Lady (name of Kingdom)

Crown Prince and Princess Your Royal Highness, Your Highness, My Princes/ss, My Lord/Hady Heir, Lord Prince, Lady Princess.

Landed Prince and Priness Your Highness, My Liege, Lord Prince, Lady Princess.

Tanist/Tanista Your Excellency.

Members of the Royal Peerage (and the equivalent sanctioned alternate titles:
Duke and DuchessYour Grace, Lord Duke, Lady Duchess
Count and CountessYour Excellency, Lord Count, Lady Countess
Viscount and ViscountessYour Excellency, Lord Viscount, Lady Viscountess

Members of the Order of Peerage:
Order of the LaurelMaster, Mistress, Dame or Maestra (female), Companion (their name)
Order of the PelicanMaster, Mistress, Dame or Maestra (female), Companion
Order of Chivalry
(Knights and Masters-of-Arms)
Sir, Lord Knight, Lady Knight, Dame (femail) Master (or Mistress-)at-Arms (their name).

Landed Barons and Baronesses: Your Excellency, Lord baron, Lady Baroness, Baron (name of Barony)

Court Barons and Baronesses: Your Excellency, Lord Baron, Lady Baroness, Baron/Baroness (name of Kingdom) Baron or Baroness (their personal name)

Recipients of a Grant of Arms: Your Lordship, Your Ladyship, or Honorable Lord, Honorable Lady.
This category includes members of the Order of the Goute de Sang, the Order of the Jambe de Lion, Holders of the Hasta Leionis, White Scarf or Grey Goose Shaft. Members of the White Scarf may also be addresses as Dom or Domna.

Holders of an Award of Arms: Lord (name) or Lady (name) or My Lord, My Lady.

When you are addressing someone and you are unaware or uncertain of their station, it is always kind to ask, "How may I call you?" Futher, bear in mind that many gentles prefer address according to their persona. It never really hurts to politely ask. It is always polite and permissable to address a stranger as "milord" or "milady".

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