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The Populace of Pendale

Not all of the residents of the Shire of Pendale are on-line; not all of them have requested to be included in this list. However, for those listed here, the names are not listed by order of precedence; the names are alphabetical by SCA name.

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Hon. Lord Brian of Pendale, GdS, AoA
mail to: Brian Spade

Hon. Lady Bridget Woulfe, Lion's Cub, Golden Oak, GdS
mail to: Rebecca Andrews

milord Edward of Mohr
mail to: Caleb Goosman

Hon. Lord Ermine Coeurcleft (Weezil of Hillside), JdL, AoA, Acorn
mail to: Weezil Samter

milord Fenian the Arse
mail to: Otis Richardson

Lord Frederick Wilhelmson, AoA
mail to: Gene Eisele

milady Galaguen Archer
mail to: Chelsea Johnson

milady Gwendolyn of the Willows,
mail to: Chelsea Saul

milord Guilder
mail to: Joe Heil

milady Ilenia
mail to: Jennifer Coy

milord Juen de TroisDraquee
mail to: Bruce Thibeault

milady Katrina of Pendale
mail to: Nikki Windell

milady Luna of Tridrake
mail to: Amanda Cowin

milady Lunah Navaz Sapnuid Nahid MahAn
mail to: Marie Hetrick

milady Mala Kish Cheeb
mail to: Jessica Tracy

milord Nogard the Odd of Tridrake
mail to: Skyler Lindsay

milady Ophelia of Fern Glen
mail to: Chenoa Winterton

milord Sgor
mail to: Mason Beaver

Honorable Lord Shivaji Ayud Krishnamachari, AoA, GdS,
mail to: LeDon Sacksteder

Lady Shammoria Talaki Mia Sharef, AoA, Golden Oak
mail to: Fawn Sacksteder

milady Silke von Frangenstein
mail to: Silke Anderson

milady Sola of Tridrake
mail to: Nikki Lindsay

Hon. Lord Timothy der Kenntnisreiche, AoA, JdL
Pendale mail to: Timothy Dick

Hon. Lord Turloch of Pendale, Golden Oak, GdS
mail to: Terry Spade

Lady Vanora of Pendale, AoA
mail to: Crystal Spade

Lord Weezil of Hillside (aka: Ermine le Coeurcleft de Couloir), JdL, AoA, Acorn
mail to: Weezil Sampter

Lord William Wulfrun, AoA
mail to: William Runk

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This page contains the on-line links to residents of the Shire of Pendale who have requested that their names be included (information is voluntary).

If you are a resident of Pendale and would like your E-mail and/or Home Page link to be listed, please send your request to the page master.

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