Arms of the Sergeants, Yeomen, Gallants and Courtiers
of Wealdsmere.

Black-and-white images to create flash cards are available for print out from the links below.
You can use these to color, cut out and create flash cards to learn the arms of the Sergeants of Wealdsmere.

Notice: this list is based primarily on the Wealdsmere Muster of Sergeantry. However, many of the names on the roster do not have registered arms. The cards given in the listing are only provided for those of the sergeantry whose device or arms are registered with the An Tir College of Arms and who are active in their rank.

Please contact Katla járnkona for updates and additions.

Wealdsmere Sergeants:
Cornwallis MacLeod of Harris
Ceawlin Silvertongue
Duncan Angus MacAlpin (out of Kingdom)
Elgar Stonehaven
Gareth the Somber
Gernot vomme Sewe
Jhone MacLachlin
Konr MacAlpine
Noryama Ono Dokken
Seamus Mac an tSaoi
Vulrick the Pierced

Wealdsmere Gallants:
Gerard LaGreine
Iain Crawford (elevated to Laurel peerage)
Janusch Raduvan Vladescu
Jhone MacLachlin (out of Kingdom, inactive)
Michel le Renard (out of Kingdom)
Sterling of Dunbar (inactive)
Wealdsmere Yeoman:
Jhone MacLachlin (out of Kingdom, inactive)
Noryama Ono Dokken
Rhiannon wreic Gryffyd
Timothy Der Kenntenesreich (inactive)

Wealdsmere Courtiers:
Aliette de la Croix
Emelyn Starkey
Gareth the Somber
Gernot vomme Sewe
Jannet Fletcher
Kara Bjornsdottir
Kathrine Belle Hawkins
Octavia Sapphiera
Ophilia of Fernglen
Rhiannon wreic Gryffyd
Mary Ellen le Bret (inactive)

The heraldry flashcards for the Sergeants of Wealdsmere have been updated (April, 2013) so that only those sergeants who are active and who have devices/arms registered with the Society College of Heralds have their arms included. Available is a new PDF that includes those sergeants, three cards per page, in a format suitable for double-sided printing so that the cards are easier to create. You may find them more durable if they are printed on card stock. If you take the time to color in your own set of cards, you will more likely become familiar with them, thereby making it easier to study.

The following members of the Sergeants of Wealdsmere have arms/devices that Her Excellency Kara Bjornsdottir is asking all candidates to become familiar with:

Sergeants of the Barony of Wealdsmere (You are here)
Ceawlin Silvertongue and Elgar Stonehaven
Gernoot vomme Sewe and Jannet Fletcher
Janusch Vladescu and Kara Bjornsdottir
Konr MacAlpein and Kveldulf Haukrsson
Rhiannon 'Braithe' wreic Gryffyd and Seamus Mac an tSaoi

Reference, also, the Barony of Wealdsmere's Sergeantry Muster.

For your convenience, the complete flash card set for the Sergeants of Wealdsmere is available from a single PDF (1,390K). Follow the link, then right click to download your chosen file.

Ceawlin Silvertongue Sergeant
Elgar Stonehaven Sergeant
Gernot vomme Sewe Sergeant/Courtier
Jannet Fletcher Courtier
Janusch Vladescu Gallant/Courtier
Kara Bjornsdottir Courtier
Konnor MacAlpine Sergeant
Noryama Ono Dokken Sergeant
Rhiannon "Braithe" wreic Gryffyd Yeoman/Courtier
Seamus Mac an tSaoi Sergeant
Tiberius (formerly Dart Dumas) Sergeant

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