Sergeants of Wealdsmere

Sergeants' flash cards are also available in a PDF with three cards per page.
Arms of Gernot vomme Sewe

Sergeant / Courtier
Gernot vomme Sewe

Argent, a triskele and in chief two compass stars azure.

Registered: October, 1998

Arms of Jannet Fletcher

Jannet Fletcher

Sable, in pale a moon in her plenitude and two arrows inverted in saltire all between two pallets argent.

Registered: December, 2002

Registered Arms of the Sergeants of the Barony of Wealdsmere
Ceawlin Silvertongue and Elgar Stonehaven
Gernoot vomme Sewe and Jannet Fletcher (You are here)
Janusch Vladescu and Kara Bjornsdottir
Konr MacAlpein and Kveldulf Haukrsson
Rhiannon 'Braithe' wreic Gryffyd and Seamus Mac an tSaoi

Consult the Wealdsere Sergeants page for a complete list of Sergeants and references for duplicates (members who belong to more than one order)

Reference, also, the Barony of Wealdsmere's Sergeantry Muster.

For your convenience, the complete flash card set for the Sergeants of Wealdsmere is available from a single PDF (1,390K). Follow the link, then right click to download your chosen file.

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