Arms of the Sergeants, Yeomen, Gallants and Courtiers
of Vulkanfelt.

Black-and-white images to create flash cards are available for print out from the links below.
You can use these to color, cut out and create flash cards to learn the arms of the Sergeants of Vulkanfelt.

Notice: this list is based primarily on the Vulkanfelt Muster of Sergeantry. At this time, only Shannon O'Duncan has registered his Arms with the SCA College of Arms. Please contact for updates and additions.

Vulkanfelt Sergeants:
Rurik Gjafvaldsson
Murcadh Dal Cais
Qoyor Shingqotai (Tai Tjorkillsdottir)
Raginmund Ahrens von Danzig
Tio Bargagna

Vulkanfelt Gallants:
Shannon O'Duncan (elevated to Peerage)
Dalbach MacDara
Vulkanfelt Yeoman:
Shannon O'Duncan (elevated to Peerage)

Vulkanfelt Courtiers:
Cler de Cieux

Vulkanfelt Artisans:
Shannon O'Duncan (elevated to Peerage)
Fiona ni Conchui

The heraldry flashcards have been updated (April, 2013) so that only those members who are active and who have devices/arms registered with the Society College of Heralds have their arms included. Please report changes or addition to Katla.
Any Sergeants who have had their names and devices registered with the College of Arms, if they would please inform Katla, those devices will be added to a heraldic Roll of Arms for the Sergeants of Vulkanfelt.


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