Awards of the Society

Order of the Laurel
Order of the Pelican

Awards of
An Tir

Goutté de Sang
Jambe de Lion
Grey Goose Shaft
Mano Doro
Belated Rose
Silver Rose

Awards of Wealdsmere

Sable Sea Lion
Golden Oak
Golden Osprey
Golden Acorn

Populous Badge of An Tir

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Heraldic Arms and Badges
Kingdoms I Principalities
Officers of An Tir I Baronies of An Tir
Inlands Region I Knights of the Inlands Region
Awards I Sergeants of Wealdsmere

Intro to Heraldry
Kingdoms of the Knowne World
Principalities of the Knowne World
Badges of Office in An Tir
Awards in An Tir
Baronies of An Tir
Arms of the Knights of the Inland Region
Branches of the Inland Region

Arms of the Sergeants of Wealdsmere
Baronial Awards of Wealdsmere