Arms of the Knights of the Inlands Region.

Black-and-white images to create flash cards are available for print out from the links below.
You can use these to color, cut out and create flash cards >to learn the arms of the Knights of the Inlands Region.

Notice: this list is Knights in the Inlands Region that I have been able to confirm. Please visit the Royal Peers section for those knights who have sat on the throne. Some of the knights on this roster do not have registered arms. The flash cards given on this site are only provided for those knights whose arms are registered with the An Tir College of Arms and who are active in their rank.

Please contact Katla járnkona for updates, additions or corrections.

Royal Peers:
Duke Gunnarr Brunwulf
Duke Sven Gunnarson
Duke Sidroc Rolfsson (Cedric)
CDuke Styrkarr Jarlskald
Count Gilligan of Mann
Viscount Cnut Ragnarsson
Knights of the Society for Creative Anachronism (KSCA):
Dyon de Mante (Pelican/Laurel/MOD)
Aaron de Mantel (Pelican)
Rolf Longbow
Caieth of Umber
Heinrich von Salza (Pelican)
Blathazaar the Quiet (inactive)
Jorg Siggeirsson
Brandt Sturrock
Devon Wolflin
Qorin Khanna
Steinnar Ravensfury
Tighearnach ua Catháin Átha Dara
Osrikr Rolfsson
Guy Grimsson
Lachlan MacLean (please contact Katla, link below)
Hánefr 'Lars' Ragnarsson
Finris Christianson
Phelán Tǫlusmiðr
Alan Roy Johnson

The heraldry flashcards for the Knights of the Inland Region have been updated (April, 2013) so that only those knights who are active and who have devices/arms registered with the Society College of Heralds have their arms included. Available is a new PDF that includes those knights, three cards per page, in a formet suitable for double-sided printing so that the cards are easier to create. You may find them more durable if they are printed on card stock. If you take the time to color in your own set of cards, you will more likely become familiar with them, thereby making it easier to study.

Blathazaar the Quiet is inactive; I have been unable to confirm registered arms for Michael, Qorin and Steinnar.
I have tried to contact Lachlan MacLean to confirm the art of his arms (hint: if you can help me contact him, that would be great!)

(Remember to check out the Royal Peers for
our highest ranking knights in the Inlands Region)
Royal Peers of the Inlands Region
Gunnarr Brunwulf and Gabriell MacBain
Sven Gunnarson and Signy Öksendal
Sidroc Hrólfsson (Cedric) and Elizabeth Yvonne Owles
Styrkarr Jarlskald and Dagrún Stjarna
Eirik Daegares Sune and Taisiia of Volchkov
Cnut Ragnarsson

For your convenience, the complete flash card set for the Royal Peers of the Inlands Region is available from a single PDF (415K). Follow the link, then right click to download your chosen file.

Knights of the Inlands Region
Dyon de Mantel and Aaron de Mantel
Rolf Longbow and Caieth of Umber
Heinrich von Salza and Jorg Siggeirsson
Brandt Sturrock and Devon Wolflin
Tighearnach ua Catháin Átha Dara and Osrikr Rolfsson
Guy Grimsson and Æthan dal Cais
Hánefr 'Lars' Ragnarsson and Fáelán tolusmiðr

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