Flash Cards for heraldry the Inlands Region, An Tir and the Knowne World

Please contact for updates and additions.

The heraldry flashcards have been updated (April, 2013) so that only those members who are active and who have devices/arms registered with the Society College of Heralds have their arms included.

Flash Cards are now also available as PDF files, three cards per page, in a format suitable for double-sided printing so that the cards are easier to create (rather than having to print out each set a pair of cards at a time). You may find them more durable if they are printed on card stock. If you take the time to color in your own set of cards (which I strongly encourage you to do), you will more likely become familiar with them, thereby making it easier to study.

The links to all the PDF files are available here. When I was testing the links, I discovered that, if I left-clicked on the links, not all of the lines on the arms were visable. However, if I did a right-click to download and save the file, the resulting PDFs were complete.

20 Kingdoms of the Knowne World (352K)
Principalities (132K)
Badges of Office in An Tir (98K)
Awards and Badges of An Tir (133K)
Baronies of An Tir (336K)
Royal Peers of the Inlands Region (415K)
Knights of the Inlands Region (213K)
Peers of the Inlands Region (800K)
Branches of the Inlands Region (1,500K)
Coronets of the Inlands Region
Sergeants of Vulkanfeldt
Sergeants of Wealdsmere (248K)
Baronial Awards of Wealdsmere

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