Baronies of An Tir

Baronial flash cards are also available in a PDF with three cards per page.
Arms of the Barony of Adiantum

Barony of

Eugene, OR

Sable, a double-headed bear erect affronty,
forelegs upraised,
heads displayed, Or,
armed argent, langued and orbed gules,
within a laurel wreath argent.

Registered: April, 1998

Arms of the Barony of Aquaterra

Barony of

Snohomish County, WA

Per fess vert and barry wavy argent and azure,
in chief three laurel wreaths argent.

Registered: May, 1989

Baronies of An Tir
Adiantum and Aquaterra (You are here)
Blatha an Oir and Dragon's Mist
Dragonslaire and Glymm Mere
Lionsgate and Madrone
Seagirt and Stromgard
Terra Pomaria and Three Mountains
Vulkanfeldt and Wastekeep
Wealdsmere and Wyewood

For your convenience, the complete flash card set for the Baronies of An Tir is available from a single PDF (336K). Follow the link, then right click to download your chosen file.

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