Greetings unto Grimwithshire and the Inlands,

It is with a sad and very heavy heart that I inform you that our beloved Shire of Grimwith is dissolving.

All options were investigated to try to keep the Shire afloat but to no avail. With a large portion of our populace moving in the past year, we have been left with a void that has proven too difficult to fill. We are unable to fill our officer requirements as required by Society Law, and our membership numbers have melted away with last year's snow.

At our last Shire meeting, it was decided to disband the Shire and to ask Wealdsmere to hold money for us in trust with hopes of Grimwithshire resurrecting like the Phoenix in a future time. All provisions have been made with this in mind. While this decision has not been an easy task, it was the decision of the members present at the Shire meeting.

Grimwith will be remembered for her many wonderful events. Tourney of the Wolves and Grimoffencive has been well loved by many and will be sorely missed, as well as talked of, for many years to come in the Inlands.

It takes dedicated people to run a branch in the SCA and over the years Grimwith has been blessed by many dedicated folks. It has been my privilege to be there from the beginning and to have known you all.

From the start the Barony of Wealdsmere has given their support to us:

To Their Excellencies Brandt and Kelta, Baron and Ban Bheron of Wealdsmere for encouraging us to start the Shire and offering to sponsor us in our endeavor to make a Shire in the wastelands.

To our Royal Patrons, Duchess Gabriell McBain and Duke Gunnar Brunwulf, who blessed us with their vast knowledge of the inner workings of the Society and stood before the King on our behalf to help us make our Dream of having a Shire come true.

To the HL Arnora Grimsdottir, our first Seneschal, who worked tirelessly with many folks who were new to the Society to make this Shire a reality.

To Sir Guy Grimson who was knighted while in membership to Grimwithshire and served as our first MoS.

To HL Anne Claxton who served as our first Exchequer and had to move to be near her ailing son.

To fru Katla Jarnkona who has served as our Web minister from the start: thank you for your service.

All have worked hard for many years holding offices in whatever capacity was needed in service to the Shire. I know you will take your dedication to the Dream with you in your new places. There are many others, too, that have come and gone.

To you all, I give thanks.

As for me, it has been a honor to have been a part of this Shire from the start and to have known all of you. I, for one, feel truly blessed.

Thank you for your Service to our Dream,
Lady Una of Grimwith
Seneschal of Grimwithshire

Beginnings Farewell
Great Boke

* * *

(Grimwith was the chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.,
located in Pend O'Reille and Stevens Counties in Washington.)